Many people don’t feel particularly funny these days, which is one of the reasons the FacilityBlog Friday Funny tries so hard (sometimes too hard) to give its visitors a reason to keep coming back to work week after week (even if it’s just to check out the Friday Funny on FacilityBlog).

Today’s offering comes from our career development partner, CareerBuilder. Make sure to check out TFM Online the next time you’re hunting for a new job or searching to fill a position.

Building on its chimp-themed TV ads, CareerBuilder has a free service, cleverly called Monk-e-mail. The e-mail marketing site MonkeyBrains explains, “you get to choose a chimp, dress him up, pick a voice, then make him say anything you want. Then, you can e-mail it to your friends.”

The concept was launched a few years ago, just before CareerBuilder’s Super Bowl campaign hit the airwaves. Since I’m not a big football fan, I’m just stumbling across it now. It’s silly and it’s viral, making it a perfect pick for our Friday Funny. Contact me at if you’d like me to send a Monk-e-mail sample!

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  1. Matt says:

    Did you ever see the Monk-e-mail about Dannilynn, Anna Nichole’s daughter entitled I ain’t the baby’s daddy? Trying to locate?

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