Emerson’s U.S. MOTORS Brand Is 100

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The manufacturer of electrical motors was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 1908.

Emerson’s U.S. MOTORS Brand Is 100


Emerson’s U.S. MOTORS Brand Is 100

This past May, Emerson Motor Company’s U.S. MOTORS® brand reached its 100th year in the electric motors industry. Founded in 1908 in Los Angeles, U.S. Electrical Motors, Inc. was acquired by Emerson Electric Co. in 1962. Today, the U.S. MOTORS brand is continues as part of Emerson Motor Company.

The U.S. MOTORS brand was an early developer of induction motors and the innovation of the vertical HOLLOSHAFT® motor, a product that continues to be a leader in the liquid pumping industry.

“We look forward to another productive century of growth and developing further  advances in technology,” said Jim Lindemann, Chairman and CEO of Emerson Motor  Company. “As we look back on the first 100 years of the U.S. MOTORS brand, we  embrace a future built on engineering expertise, world class manufacturing, customer satisfaction and product reliability.”

Emerson Motor Company and the U.S. MOTORS brand combine to offer OEMs, end-users, and aftermarket customers solutions to their motor challenges. Recent innovations include:

* API 547®* motors, offering new alternatives in oil and gas processing, using LEAN manufacturing principles;
* A full range of NEMA Premium®* motors that meet the newly enacted energy efficiency legislation (EISA); and
* Variable speed solutions from fractional to thousands of horsepower using technologies including brushless permanent magnet and switched reluctance motors and drives.

Over the past 100 years, the U.S. MOTORS brand has grown to be a global brand. Emerson Motor Company operates 16 manufacturing facilities and seven engineering centers in six countries. 

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