"Dynamic" Architect Recognized

David Fisher has been honored as the worldwide Architect of the Year 2008 by The Developers & Builders Alliance.

"Dynamic" Architect Recognized

David Fisher, architect of the Dynamic Tower to be constructed first in Dubai, has been honored as the worldwide Architect of the Year 2008, out of a record number of 2325 nominees, by The Developer & Builders Alliance (DBA), a worldwide real estate and construction organization. Fisher’s firm, Dynamic Architecture, is based in the Bedfordshire, UK.

The other five finalists to the award were Foster & Partners, Jean Nouvel, Santiago Calatrava, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, and Zaha Hadid.

The 80 story building is to be built in Dubai.

The 80 story building is to be built in Dubai.

“I am honored to receive this award from the Developers & Builders Alliance, as I believe strongly in the group’s stated goal of improving our global economy by fostering prosperous worldwide business relationships through successful projects and innovation,” Fisher stated.

The first of Fisher’s Dynamic Tower–which TFM covered here in June 2008–will be built in Dubai. The structure challenges the development of architecture, as it defies the static to embrace the dynamic, enabling its shape to change according to meteorological factors, changing needs and desires. In line with David Fisher’s slogan “Designed by life, shaped by time”, his Dynamic Tower is the first building to feature the fourth dimension: Time.

The construction process starts with the top floor (80th), as the prefabricated units are assembled around the concrete core floor by floor, spiralling downward, until the ground floor is completed. 
Living in a dynamic tower, you will be able to park your car right next to your entrance door, and while you relax in your swimming pool you will be able to enjoy the eve-changing view onto a rotating world, as you express your preferences to the voice-activated speed control. 

Fisher, the inventor of the “Dynamic Architecture” graduated from the University of Florence, Italy, practiced architecture and explored the development of methods, construction and real estate in a number of countries. 
He believes  that “The Dynamic Tower will radically change not only the concept of design but also construction and real estate, bringing a new dimension to architecture and to our way of living.” His fir

Four years ago, Fisher was inspired by the view onto the ocean in a North Miami, FL beach apartment. There the idea of a rotating floor emerged for the first time. He is currently meeting with top developers to discuss a possible Dynamic Tower in Miami. 


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