FRIDAY FUNNY: Black Friday Countdown

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The holiday shopping season will kick into gear in just one week, but with such a gloomy economic picture looming, many people are wondering just how much–or how little–goodwill and cheer they can muster by the time Christmas rolls around. Extravagant office parties are being scaled down or even canceled, and Secret Santas may go on hiatus as co-workers struggle to prioritize their holiday spending practices.

But have no fear, FacilityBlog fans. There are several affordable and humorous gift items out there, just waiting to be added anonymously to the pile under the corporate Christmas tree. Here’s one suggestion, for those of you unfortunate enough to have a boss who insists on getting into everything; it’s the Micro Manager book and gift kit, by Davis J. Freedlander and offered by Running Press Mini Kits (the same people who brought you the Scapegoat Mega Mini Kit by Alison Trulock).

What do you get with this little goodie? Here’s the description from the Running Press Web site:

We’ve all had one-the rude, wrong, idiotic, and despotic boss. They steal your thunder and rain on your parade. Well, if the cretin in the corner office has got you down, here’s your chance to hold him up to a little ridicule of your own. With a comical Micro Manager figurine and 10 scarily hilarious expression cards for him to hold, your coworkers will be in on the joke. Also includes an uproarious mini book that deviously describes the ways and means of the Micro Manager.

Available for only $6.95 (+ shipping) from, the Micro Manager book and gift set may be the perfect thing for the co-worker or boss who just can’t seem to take a subtle hint.

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