Friday Funny: The Collective Christmas Tree for the Hyperactive Office

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Some of you may have received this e-mail already under a different (and possibly offensive) subject line. But as a former resident of a state south of the Mason Dixon line, I grew up surrounded by people who enjoyed the taste of the phosphorescent soft drink better known as Mountain Dew. I think the color put me off when I was a kid, but as an adult, I now know this lemon-lime soda (currently the fourth-best-selling carbonated soft drink in the country) is brimming with sugar and caffeine (two ingredients guaranteed to generate a buzz). Maybe that’s why my parents steered me away from it.

With this in mind, check out this series of photos, depicting a very creative and festive recycling technique employed by some serious “Dew Enthusiasts” (and imagine what it must be like to function in an environment filled with that much sugar and caffeine)….

FacilityBlog disclaimer: You are not encouraged to try this creative technique in your facility. This post is purely for amusement purposes.

Happy holidays!
Happy holidays!
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