Speakers Announced for 2009 Greater Cincinnati Energy Summit

Tight budgets, rising energy costs, and efficiency upgrades are predicted to be top concerns among facility managers in 2009 and will be the primary topics of discussion at the 2009 Greater Cincinnati Energy Summit. The event will be held at the Banker’s Club in Cincinnati, OH, on Tuesday, January 27, 2009 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

“Northern Kentucky Electric Service is committed to helping facility managers reduce the cost of their annual energy expenditures without sacrificing productivity,” Northern Kentucky Electric Service president Mike Wissman said. “We created the 2009 Greater Cincinnati Energy Summit to help provide facility managers with the resources and know-how to save money and improve energy efficiency within their companies.”

Speakers for the event include:
Rob Jung, Energy Consultant for Duke Energy’s Incentive Program
Mike Glotfelter, Sales Manager for Northern Kentucky Electric Service
Matt Leesman, Principal of Leesman Lighting
Marvin Homan, Partner of Kentner Sellers Llp.

I will also be on the program, discussing facility management trends regarding “green fatigue,” the importance of Lifecycle Cost Analysis, and LEED.

The event, which will be presented by Northern Kentucky Electric Service, will address incentives and discounts available through area energy providers, efficient lighting upgrades and available rebates, and the cost effectiveness of making the switch to a more energy efficient facility.


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