In an era that challenges everyone to be more financially, environmentally, and socially responsible, a new online community has been launched. allows members post/donate items they no longer need and take items they can use for business or individual purposes — all for free. At the core of the initiative is the simple concept of reusing.

“It all started when I was helping my boss find ways to reduce overhead,” says Chris Kousountidis, co-founder of “I suggested eliminating excess warehouse space. But throwing out unused supplies that would ultimately end up in a landfill just wasn’t right. Then, one day, I noticed all the perfectly good items thrown away with people’s trash. A sign on a chair said, ‘Take Me I’m Free,’ and that’s when it hit me.

“We all need to clean up, save money, and help each other,” Kousountidis continues. “Reusing is just as important as recycling.”

As a new online resource, promises to help redefine the world at the grassroots level by providing green living tips and money saving hints. The effort stresses the importance of charity, social consciousness, and environmental responsibility.


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  1. Cynt Stevens says:

    I love it!!! This has to be done world wide. How thoughtful and genius. It makes so much sense to give stuff to someone in need rather than tossing it. I’m telling everyone I know!

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