Dow Converts Plant Ahead of Montreal Protocol

The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) has succeeded in converting its first facility that manufactures STYROFOAM(TM) Brand Insulation in Dalton, GA, to its new zero ozone-depleting, no-VOC (volatile organic compound) foaming agent technology. The building industry has been watching closely to see when manufacturers will convert and how quickly they will be able to get new product into the supply chain. With Dow’s Dalton facility expected to begin shipments by the end of March, and other plants to follow in sequence throughout the year, Dow is well-positioned to complete conversion of its plants in advance of the Montreal Protocol deadline.

Torsten Kraef, vice president and general manager, Dow Building Solutions says, “With our tests completed and our ICC-ES report now in hand, we are following through on the commitment we made a little over a year ago to our customers – that the best and broadest portfolio of extruded polystyrene foam solutions in the industry will continue to be available after the Montreal Protocol deadline.”

The Montreal Protocol requires the phase-out of the hydrochloro-fluorocarbon (HCFC) 142b, an ozone-depleting compound by January 1, 2010. Dow developed its next-generation foaming agent technology well in advance of the Montreal Protocol and U.S. EPA guidelines, and is on track to convert its facilities in accordance with the Montreal Protocol.

Kraef notes, “The new U.S. Administration has put energy efficiency front and center. It is clear that we must stop the tremendous waste of energy and money spent operating poorly insulated homes, offices, schools and government buildings. That means building right the first time – with products that perform as well today as they do 60+ years from now.”

STYROFOAM Brand Insulation with the new foaming agent technology will sport the same BLUE(TM) color with the words “zero ozone depletion potential” on the product print mats and unit labels. Builders can easily validate the performance of STYROFOAM XPS Foam Insulation made with the new technology by showing to code officials the ICC-ES report issued in January 2009. Dow will continue to offer the product’s 15-year limited thermal warranty and 40-year limited reuse warranty (for STYROFOAM DECKMATE(TM) Plus).

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