New Product Flash: STI-6200 From Safety Technology International

Safety Technology International, Inc. has introduced the Fire Extinguisher Theft Stopper® (STI-6200). This battery operated alarm offers a steel cable operated switch mechanism to help stop theft and vandalism of fire extinguishers.

The STI-6200 is designed to prevent theft and vandalism.

The STI-6200 is designed to prevent theft and vandalism.

If the protected fire extinguisher is moved from its normal position, the device emits a piercing alarm (either 95dB or 105 dB). The alarm is easy to install and comes complete with a 9 volt battery, anchors, and screws. Also supplied is a short cable to deactivate the alarm for service personnel to perform maintenance on the fire extinguisher. (End user must verify the alarm and battery every six months and replace battery annually or as required.) Additionally, the highly visible stop sign design and the words “STOP, EMERGENCY USE ONLY” on the STI-6200 discourages wrongful use.

Self contained, the device does not interfere with fire fighting in any way. With a recommended operating range of between 32ºF to 120ºF (0ºC to 49ºC), the STI-6200 features a compact patented design of 5” (127mm) in diameter and 1.875”(48mm) deep.

There is a remote powered 12 VDC model available for special applications (STI-6200R). Also available in green housing to comply with newer standards (STI-6200G). Housing is molded of super tough polycarbonate and is UV-stabilized. Lifetime guarantee against breakage of polycarbonate housing (one year on electronic components).

For fire extinguishers housed in cabinets, STI offers its STI-6255 Mini Theft Stopper®.


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