New Product Flash: TANCS Steam Vapor Systems

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The TANCS® steam vapor systems from Advanced Vapor Technologies offer a water-only cleaning and disinfection process with scientifically documented results. The commercial systems (industrial systems also available) can  be used to clean hospitals, elder care facilities, food service locations, hospitality facility, and schools and universities.

TANCS systems use low moisture, high temperature steam vapor.
TANCS systems use low moisture, high temperature steam vapor.

The TANCS systems, designed to be compact, quiet, and portable, work by applying low moisture, high temperature steam vapor at low pressure and low volumes to remove soil, spots, stains, and bacteria from virtually any washable surface. Heat, not pressure, does the deep cleaning and disinfecting. Contained, sustained heat breaks the bond between soils and a surface. This results in a mess-free low-water process that’s easily controlled. Rather than spreading contaminated dirt around to adjacent surfaces, soil is removed at the point of contact.

With fewer chemical cleaners to purchase and manage, steam vapor helps to make maintenance efforts safer, faster, easier, and more thorough. TANCS steam vapor kills bacteria and germs and emulsifies soil, grease, and oil. It also removes deeply embedded contaminants and prevents their re-accumulation.

The germ-killing TANCS steam vapor eliminates the risk of cross-contamination associated with traditional cleaning methods. And, because steam vapor completely removes dirt and grime and leaves no chemical residue to attract soil, surfaces are better able to perform as designed.

High temperatures are confined to the tool/surface interface, providing a safe and simple operation. The insulated tools enable operators to safely use very high heat to sanitize, disinfect and clean, all in one step

In a study featured in the February 2009 issue of the peer-reviewed American Journal of Infection Control, the TANCS system was shown to destroy within five seconds a diverse assortment of pathogenic organisms, including vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis (VRE), methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and C.  Diff. (The study, “Reduction in Infection Risk Through Treatment of Microbially Contaminated Surfaces With a Novel, Portable, Saturated Steam Vapor Disinfection System,” was conducted by Dr. Benjamin Tanner, president and scientific director of Antimicrobial Test Laboratories.)

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