The TFM Institutional Forum Update: Day One

Despite a breezy and damp start of the event, The TFM Education, Government, and Healthcare Forum got off to a great start on Sunday, March 22, at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, CA. While the golf game didn’t get past the first hole before Mother Nature dampened the game, the group managed to get in a bit of relaxed networking in between NCAA basketball games and some great live entertainment.

Meanwhile, the weather cleared for the group touring the Naval base, and after lunch was served, the guests boarded the buses and headed off on a once in a lifetime look behind the scenes. Many attendees commented on their sense of renewed enthusiasm and faith in the work being done at government facilities of all kinds, and everyone voiced their appreciation for the work done by our onsite liaison, Kevin Borg (from UCLA).

Finally, both groups converged Sunday evening for the welcome reception and dinner. Conversation was lively, and the beautiful views of the Pacific made a perfect backdrop to the start of another outstanding Forum event.


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