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This leak detection panel is used to identify problems in data centers and other critical areas.

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: LD1500 From RLE Technologies

RLE Technologies has introduced the LD1500, its most cost-effective distance read leak detection panel. Common applications of this system include data centers (under raised floors), clean rooms, telecommunication centers, and other critical areas. The LD1500 offers a reliable leak detection solution that mitigates potential water damage, business outages, and downtime.

The LD1500 distance leak detection panel from RLE Technologies

The LD1500 leak detection panel from RLE Technologies

The LD1500 has an HTML interface that allows users to view alarm status and configure system settings using a Web browser. The LD1500 offers adjustable leak, delay, and contamination thresholds. Designed specifically for integration into Building Management Systems (BMS) and Network Management Systems (NMS), the LD1500 robust communications capabilities include: HTML (Web) interface, TCP/IP, TFTP, Modbus TCP/IP UDP/IP, BACnet/IP BACnet MS/TP, and more.

When integrated with the company’s SeaHawk Water Leak Detection Cable (SC) and/or zone spot detectors (SD-Z), the LD1500 detects the presence of any conductive fluid and identifies the distance to the leak. The LD1500 can accommodate 1500 feet of SC and is suitable for leak detection in areas where the sensing cable may not be visible.

The LD1500 can also identify any cable breaks or disconnects. A Leader Cable Kit is required for monitoring leak detection cable with the unit. In the event of a water leak, the cable can be wiped dry, allowing the panel to return to normal conditions in seconds. Multiple LD1500 units can also be integrated with RLE’s LD5100 and/or LD2000 to help identify the location of multiple, simultaneous leaks.


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  1. Jorge Barroso says:

    please send data and pricing on the LD1500

  2. AnneTFM says:

    Hello Jorge, There does not appear to be pricing on the RLE website. This page contains contact information for the company:


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