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The MGE Galaxy EPS 8000 offers scalable power protection.
The MGE Galaxy EPS 8000 offers scalable power protection.

APC by Schneider Electric, recently released the MGE Galaxy EPS 8000 1000/1100kVA uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Designed for flexibility to meet the needs of many environments, including high power and no rear access, the MGE Galaxy EPS 8000 UPS line also offers paralleling capability, with an external static switch, to enable scalability for increased capacity or redundancy.

These new high power solutions, which can boost capacity from 1000kVA up to 3300kVA, allow IT and facilities managers to respond to increasing demands placed on power infrastructure in growing facilities.

The on-line, three-phase MGE Galaxy EPS 8000 offers scalable power protection using high availability proven topology since 2001 to protect all critical loads. Single module systems are available with 1000kVA to 1100kVA power ratings, and 100% rated continuous duty bypass and output static switches.

Relying on advanced 12 pulse rectifier and inverter technologies to restrict total harmonic distortion to less than 5%, the MGE Galaxy EPS 8000 delivers clean reliable power in even harsh electrical environments with its integrated galvanic copper isolation transformer. The unit can support environments such as data centers and computer rooms, as well as industrial, medical imaging, factory floor, and electrical room applications.

A 100% step-load capability ensures a fast response to load changes with accurate voltage regulation. In addition, the MGE Galaxy EPS 8000 incorporates fault tolerant circuitry that protects the UPS from accidental short circuits usually caused by load side failures or overloads and a 100% rated output static switch with a stable, reliable, pre-determined response time.

The unit interfaces with leading industry universal communication protocols and incorporates four communication slots in a rack mount multi-slot case to support SNMP, J-Bus/ModBus, and RS232-RS485 protocols for interfacing with most devices. With the available Solution-Pac power management software, the MGE EPS 8000 can monitor and control and shutdown multiple servers over a network, while free MGE UPS Web-Pac software enables remote monitoring via the Internet.

Currently available in North America, the MGE Galaxy EPS 8000 is UL-1778 and cUL (Canada) listed.

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