IFMA Board Member to Serve on U.S. State Department Advisory Panel

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William A. Rodgers, Jr., president and CEO of GoodCents Holdings and second vice chair of the International Facility Management Association board of directors, has been selected by the U.S. State Department to serve on its Industry Advisory Panel. In his new role, Rodgers will join other industry experts in providing the State Department’s Bureau of Overseas Building Operations with information on the latest concepts, methods, best practices, and ideas affecting facility and property management.

The State Department’s Industry Advisory Panel was formed under the Federal Advisory Committee Act. The panel provides the department’s Bureau of Overseas Building Operations with the expert counsel it needs to provide safe, secure and functional facilities for U.S. diplomatic missions worldwide and to oversee the State Department’s real property assets. IFMA was asked by the State Department to nominate association members for consideration for appointment to the panel. Industry Advisory Panel members offer expertise in areas such as research and development, design, construction, the environment, emergency operations, security, and planning and development. Panel members serve one year terms and meet quarterly in Washington, DC.

“I am honored to represent IFMA as a member of the State Department advisory panel,” said Rodgers. “This is an opportunity for IFMA to utilize a significant level of its knowledge, resources, and expertise to assist the State Department in optimizing the oversight and operation of its portfolio. The association’s unique global reach will provide not only the highest degree of competency, but also a specific geographical understanding of the challenges facing today’s built environment.”

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