NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Dreamwalls Color Glass

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Dreamwalls Color Glass | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
This back painted glass from Gardner Glass Products adds color to any facility.

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Dreamwalls Color Glass


NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Dreamwalls Color Glass

Dreamwalls Color Glass, a quality back painted glass, is part of the Gardner Glass Products family. This line of glass is used in commercial environments for its brilliant colors, ease of maintenance, and light reflective properties.

This reception station features Dreamwalls Color Glass in a custom mango hue.
This reception station features Dreamwalls Color Glass in a custom mango hue.

Applications include foyers and lobbies; backsplashes and other kitchen areas; wet bars and dining areas; and bathrooms and spas. Among the benefits it provides in a facility where it is installed—easy to clean, moisture resistant, hygienically non-porous, non-fading, UV resistant, and color clarity.

Dreamwalls Color Glass can be installed with several methods: mirror mastic, silicone adhesive, mechanical fasteners, or grout. Edgework options are: swiped edge, beveled edge (up to 1 1/4″ wide), polished edge (pencil or flat), and arris edge.

Dreamwalls Color Glass is manufactured with a five-year warranty to the trade. It is available in 12 stock color options and ready to ship in annealed 1/4″ thickness (6mm) with standard case sizes of 84″x130″, 42″x130″, and 65″x84. Stock colors are: True Black, True White, Cool Gray, Ruby Red, Bright Blue, Cream, Spice, Sand, Linen, Lime, Dusty Plum, and Ocean. Unlimited custom colors are also available upon request.

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