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This line of solid state voltage regulators from Falcon Electric features three models.




Falcon Electric, Inc., a supplier of power protection and regulation solutions, has introduced its new Solid-State Voltage Regulator (SVR). The SVR Pro™ Series is comprised of active electronics based, solid state voltage regulators. The SVR Pro regenerates new, clean AC power continuously and protects power sensitive equipment against a wide spectrum of power related problems.

The SVR Pro Series from Falcon Electric is designed to protect laboratory, and other scientific, instrumentation.
The SVR Pro Series from Falcon Electric is designed to protect laboratory, and other scientific, instrumentation.

Specifically designed to eliminate power disturbances that can wreak havoc with laboratory instrumentation, testing results, and process flow, the SVR Pro 1.5kVA, 2.2kVA, and 3kVA units deliver pure regulated power in a compact, 31 pound package. SVR Pro features an active electronic design that regenerates ultra clean, regulated power, assuring protection against generator frequency shifts, surges, sags, and extended brownouts. This ensures accurate test samples, maximizes equipment run time, and prevents retesting.

While tap switching regulators typically provide ±5% to 10% output regulation, the SVR removes damaging power pollution and assures a pure sinewave output with ±2% voltage regulation. This technology features a wide input voltage window from 80Vac to 138Vac. Some types of equipment have an initial high power demand when first turned on, resulting in a need to oversize most passive voltage regulators; the SVR Pro’s robust, active design is designed to handle these difficult loads. With an optional battery backup feature, the SVR Pro provides minutes to hours of battery backup power. The SVR Pro can operate in harsh temperature environments, from 0° to 55° Centigrade.

For a high level of control, the SVR Pro incorporates advanced microprocessor technology. The units’ LCD display provides lab managers with instantaneous line, load status, and operating parameters. The SVR Pro units are UL listed and meet FCC Class B and cUL requirements.

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