Staco Energy Products Co. has introduced FirstLine® 924 three-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for 20kW and 30 kW central emergency lighting system. This true on-line, double-conversion central inverter provides computer grade power quality for virtually any lighting system.Staco's FirstLine® 924 three-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply for 30 kW central emergency lighting system (20 kW version also available).

In addition to providing a continuous power supply during blackouts, the FirstLine 924 isolates and protects the connected load from damaging sags, swells, harmonics, noise, and voltage imbalances in the primary AC supply. Isolating the connected load from irregularities in the primary AC supply can significantly increase the life expectancy of lighting systems. Applications include public buildings, commercial and industrial facilities, high security areas, schools and universities, and more.

In the event of an AC power failure, the FirstLine 924 automatically transfers to battery power, providing a continuous power supply for 90 minutes, as required by NFPA 101. When power returns, the FirstLine 924 automatically recharges the batteries in preparation for the next power disturbance. Input voltage rating is 208Y/120 or 480Y/277, Delta connection with optional isolation transformer. Input voltage range is +/- 10% system start up, and +10%/-20% from nominal. Output voltage is regulated to +/-1% of nominal at full load. Total Harmonic Distortion is < 5% for non-linear loads, and < 2% for linear loads.

A front panel LCD display includes 2 x 24 character display, which shows system status and alarms. The user-friendly control panel located on the front of the freestanding NEMA 1 enclosure allows remote monitoring through an RS232 connection. Seismic Zone 4 certified, the FirstLine® 924 is made in the USA and backed by a two-year On-Site Warranty (covering both parts and labor).


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  1. falgun doshi says:

    Kindly provide details of this product with prices for marketing in middle east.

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