NEW PRODUCT FLASH: HBF Textiles For Allsteel

Allsteel and HBF Textiles have partnered to offer a selection of HBF Textiles graded in for Allsteel’s workplace furnishings. This is the first partnership for HBF Textiles with any furniture manufacturer. In forging the relationship, Allsteel has also crossed a new threshold as it significantly increases its materials portfolio not just by number but by scope. The initial collection, which draws from HBF Textiles’ existing groups, will be showcased at NeoCon® 2009, in Allsteel’s Chicago Merchandise Mart Resource Center.

Selections from the Allsteel / HBF Textiles partnership

Selections from the Allsteel / HBF Textiles partnership

Amy Luthman, Allsteel’s product manager for surface materials, and Mary Jo Miller, HBF Textiles’ director of design, headed what turned out to be a curatorial process in developing the lineup of textiles. With a discerning eye, they applied criteria that considered content, scale, and performance factors. The resulting launch includes almost 50% of HBF Textiles’ total line, and of these approved fabrics, 75% are upholstery fabrics. Seventy-five percent of the Allsteel approved HBF Textiles fabrics contain recycled content, rapidly renewable properties, or are MBDC Cradle-to-Cradle Certified.

Several of HBF’s designer collections by world-renowned architects and interior designers are represented in the Allsteel range, such as those by Barbara Barry, Laura Guido-Clark, Envision Design-Ken Wilson and Diana Horvat, and, due to be introduced at NeoCon, a series by Champion Platt.


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