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Converted Organics Inc., a Boston-based manufacturer, is diverting food waste from landfills to produce fertilizers for lawns, golf courses, sports turf, and other landscape uses. According to the EPA, about 96 billion pounds of food waste is disposed of each year in the U.S. Due to the difficult nature of composting food waste on a large scale, the majority of this waste is destined for landfills or incineration.

Turf-Blend 6-0-0 from Converted Organics
Turf-Blend 6-0-0 from Converted Organics

To combat this, Converted Organics collects food waste from supermarkets, restaurants, and processing plants and then uses its patented technology to transform the food waste into a high quality, organic fertilizer. The process is large-scale, expedited version of backyard composting, which introduces additional oxygen as well as heat into a closed, carefully monitored tank, as a way to accelerate the digestion process.  As a result, what would take months to compost can be quickly converted to a useful all natural fertilizer product in a matter of hours.

One of company’s products, Turf-Blend™ 6-0-0*, is a liquid fertilizer. Its nutrients are derived from L-Lysine Amino Acid, compost, and phosphoric acid. This product has been formulated to provide professional greenskeepers and landscape professionals with a high quality, fully pasteurized liquid fertilizer suitable for use on all types of turf and any soil condition.

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