NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Beacon™ Exit Device

SARGENT introduces Beacon™, a next generation exit device to create a clearer pathway to safety during an emergency. Part of the ASSA ABLOY LiteGuide™ family of products, Beacon is an exit device that features a combination of audible and visible alerts.

The Beacon can retrofit to most of the company's 80 Series exit devices.

The Beacon can retrofit to most of the company's 80 Series exit devices.

When activated, Beacon (which integrates with a facility’s existing fire alarm system) emits a pulse of light and white noise followed by an audible message declaring “exit located here.” A laser light beamed from the exit device forms an arrow shape pointing directly to the illuminated touch bar—allowing occupants to locate the exit and get out quickly. Beacon makes the opening highly noticeable for all occupants, including those who are hearing- or sight-impaired.

The verbal exit instructions indicating exit location are given in one or multiple languages. In the final phase of the sequence, a green laser light cone combined with flashing LEDs for increased visibility to draw occupants directly to the exit.

Both electroluminescent and photoluminescent versions are available. Available with MicroShield™ antimicrobial finish.


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