Movable Seating Systems For Assembly Spaces | MUTAFLEX
This flexible system from Figueras International Seating helps facility managers to handle special event seating with ease.




The MUTAFLEX 6066 SYSTEM from Figueras International Seating is a movable seating system for private and public assembly spaces.

Seating stowed underneath the floor
Room is empty. Floor has rails, which the seats roll out on when needed.

The need to make the best use of the space available for public events means that seating arrangements and layouts must be flexible. This is the idea behind the development of the MUTAFLEX SYSTEM.

It is based on the possibility of moving entire rows of seats along rails integrated into the floor. Each row can take up to 12 seats. The system makes it possible to completely or partially empty the hall of seats by moving entire rows and stowing them away—usually under the stage that is specially prepared to accommodate them.

Seating brought up from under the floor for an event
Seating has been rolled out on the rails for an event.

Two columns that incorporate the rolling mechanism support each row of seats. The seats travel along engineered profiles rails that ensure smooth movement. They are fitted with specially grooved wheels and devices to prevent them from swiveling or tipping over. The rails, or guides, are designed to make storing away the rows of seats or setting them up again easy. When not in use, the guides are hidden by covers adapted to the given distance between the rows and the layout of the hall.

The sequence for converting a full hall into an empty one is as follows:

  • Remove the covers separating the rows.
  • Move the rows of seats and store them (usually under the stage).
  • Put the covers back on the guides to leave the floor surface completely even.

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