WEIRD WEDNESDAY: Banana + Cement Bags = Lamp?

Recycled content is turning up in all sorts of products these days. And for Atlanta, GA-based Creollus designs, that has resulted in items manufactured out of such as coffee filters, cardboard, newspapers, banana leaf, cement bags, and more.

The HELIA floor lamp (pictured, right) is one of several lighting fixtures made from unusual materials. The lamps are made from banana fibers (raw materials discarded at harvesting), recycled kraft paper (from cement bags), and natural pigments extracted from the ground/soil.

This one of a kind, handmade fixture by Domingos Totora and a team of artisans from Brazil is a decorative and utilitarian piece that reflects an adherence to ethnic ancestral style. A percentage of the sale of this product goes to Semear Educar, a non profit organization in Brazil.

Domingos Totora says, “We recycle paper and fibers in a creative and alternative way so as to generate employment. This work has improved the lives of people and community as a whole. Our people are allowed to let their imagination flow and create as they please.”

For Creollus, preserving means not only to stop destroying. It also means reusing through concern for the environment in an act of solidarity. The idea is to recycle paper and fibers in a creative way, to generate alternatives for accepted realities.


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  1. Christine James says:

    This is way cool. Is it or will it be for sale in the United States?

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