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The Evac+Chair is a portable evacuation chair that requires no attachment to stairs or side railings. Developed in 1982, the Evac+Chair is sold internationally to hotels, hospitals, office buildings, schools, assisted living facilities, and residential and commercial high-rise buildings. It is designed to transport occupants who need assistance down stairs during an emergency event. Its patented design allows most able-bodied users to assist anyone with mobility impairments or other conditions in need of help in an emergency.

The narrow profile and light weight (19 pounds) of the Evac+Chair means that its use as an evacuation chair does not interfere with the ascent or descent of first responders sharing the stairway. The chair is engineered to convey smoothly using a patented continuous rotating V belt that ensures safety and allows the user to control the chair’s descent down the stairs with relative ease, regardless of the passenger’s size. The latest model, the MK3, holds up to 330 pounds.

“The Evac+Chair’s unique construction makes it easy for an employee to assist a disabled co-worker,” notes Richard Perl, vice president of Evac+Chair North America. “In fact, more than six occupants were rescued to safety from the Towers on September 11 as the first responders were making their way up the stairs.”

The Evac+Chair features patient restraints, wall mounted hooks, dust cover, photoluminescent signage, and a CD-Rom User Guide. Product comes with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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