NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Mighty Glow Floor Tape

ShieldMark’s new Mighty Glow™ glow-in-the-dark tape is three times brighter than its previous version. The Mighty Glow™ tapes come in 2” and 4” widths with a luminescent 1/2″ center-line (the rolls are 100′ lengths). The luminescent material is “charged” by normal lighting. If the material receives adequate lighting before a power failure, it will glow in the dark when the lights are out.

The Mighty Glow™ tape is shown here with lights on, and glowing in the dark.

The Mighty Glow™ tape is shown here with lights on, and glowing in the dark.

ShieldMark notes that single toned luminescent floor tapes make inferior aisle way borders because the greenish white luminescent color contrasts poorly with most surrounding floor colors. The Mighty Glow safety yellow color makes a discernible contrasting border with most surrounding floor colors and the bright glow in the dark center stripe will expose aisle ways during lights out power failures.

Mighty Glow™ is a high strength, durable tape with pressure sensitive adhesive. The adhesive delivers immediate quick stick, yet it allows for removal without leaving a residue. With no fumes, slippery and messy paint, or drying time, ShieldMark’s Mighty Glow™ make it easy to install aisle way marking lines. The installation area simply needs to be cleaned, and then the installer can remove the protective poly liner and apply the tape to the floor.

The Mighty Glow™ products come with a limited, three-year warranty. Free samples available.


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  1. Darryl Kronsted says:

    Please send detailed information regarding this product. We are a union signatory painting & coating company and are investigating additional product offerings for our clients.

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