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In August, the 130 facilities staff members at East Stroudsburg University mixed business and pleasure in preparation for the coming academic year.

Team Building For ESU FM Staff

In August 2009, 130 East Stroudsburg University (ESU) facilities management department staff members were thanked for their hard work and dedication with a team building day of activities at Stony Acres, a 119-acre wildlife sanctuary and recreational facility owned by the ESU Student Association. Because of the relatively large size of the ESU facilities management team, which includes custodians, maintenance teams, and clerical staff, working in multiple shifts, some of the employees met one another for the first time at the event.

Members of the ESU FM department participated in team building exercises.

Members of the ESU FM department participated in team building exercises.

Among the activities the staff participated in were providing input to the development of the maintenance department’s mission and vision statement and a workshop on “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” (based on Steven Covey’s Book by the same name). This workshop served as an introduction to the “7 Habits” philosophy, a worldview the university is working to implement to enhance the university’s work environment and the lives of its faculty, staff, and students.

Said Syed Zaidi, director of facilities management at ESU, “Facilities management employees are an essential part of the academic equation; working behind the scenes to ensure that the campus reflects an environment conducive to learning. This trip to Stony Acres, was an opportunity to foster a sense of pride in these vital employees, and to thank them for their dedication, as yet another academic year begins.”


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