Wash Your Hands!

For National Clean Hands Week (September 20-26) Georgia-Pacific Professional has made a poster available online to promote good hand hygiene practices among elementary school children. The poster and an accompanying handout feature Germ-Jitsu Mo, “Georgia-Pacific Professional’s VP of Hygiene and Chairman of Cool,” who teaches students how to help kick germs out of the classroom.

A reminder to wash hands is the subject of this poster from Georgia-Pacific Professional.

A reminder to wash hands is the subject of this poster from Georgia-Pacific Professional.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports hand washing as one of the most preventive measures against the spread of disease, and offering the Mo Germ-Jitsu Poster and a hand washing and drying handout is one way Georgia-Pacific Professional is taking action.

“Proper hand washing and drying with a paper towel are the foundations of successful infection control practices,” says Craig Yardley, VP and General Manager, towel category, Georgia-Pacific Professional. “As a leading provider of hand hygiene products, we feel it is part of our responsibility to promote good hand washing and drying practices, and we are proud to be taking this initiative at such a critical time in disease prevention.”

Facility managers in schools (and at any other type of facility where education might be needed) can download a copy of the hand washing poster and handout by visiting www.gppro.com/HealthSmart. (The poster’s original size is 14.75″x20.5″, but the poster scales to print whatever size the user chooses.) The Web site also offers wellness tools focusing on health and hand washing, including proper washing techniques, tips on frequency, and ways to help prevent skin damage.


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