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This CMMS database “check up” provides facility managers an economical way to review the condition of their stored maintenance data.

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Database Analysis From MicroMain

MicroMain Corporation, a provider of asset and facility management software and services, recently announced the expansion of its professional services with a new Database Analysis service. The new database “check up” provides customers an economical way to review the condition of their stored maintenance data. With this service, organizations see how they can improve their data and better use their MicroMain software, with the aim being improved maintenance and facility processes, better cost tracking, and more substantial reporting.

The Database Analysis service is available to MicroMain customers, as well as users of other computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software. Because MicroMain’s proprietary analysis process is not dependent on a single data structure, it can be used with virtually any CMMS database.

The database analysis includes a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to work orders, preventive maintenance tasks, assets, equipment, inventory, costs, and other criteria. In addition, MicroMain professionals review a facility’s database to see how the information is organized and identify ways to optimize the data. This includes checking for consistency in naming conventions, accurate data hierarchies, and proper usage of data fields.

After completing the database analysis, MicroMain provides a report of its findings and recommendations to the customer. If improvement is needed, facility users can take the necessary steps to clean up their database. They can also start entering additional data to take advantage of more MicroMain software features. In addition, organizations can use the results to improve their ability to generate needed reports.


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