Recycling Award For Convention Center

Global Spectrum, the management company responsible for daily operations at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati since 2006, was recognized on November 17, 2009 with the Hamilton County Solid Waste Management District’s Public Recycling Award. “We are honored to have received this award,” said the center’s General Manager, Ric Booth. “We feel that being good environmental stewards by reducing the amount of waste produced by events in the building is simply the right thing to do.”

Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, OH

Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, OH

The program began in 2008 when Global Spectrum began recycling cardboard. Cardboard is one of the largest waste materials produced at the Duke Energy Convention Center because conventions, trade shows, and other groups ship large quantities of materials to the Center for their events. A cardboard bailer was installed in order to reduce this waste and 163,800 pounds of the material have been recycled as a result.

The Center’s recycling program was expanded in 2008 with a grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. This grant helped purchase 20 recycling bins that were placed throughout the building. Since then, 81,760 pounds of paper plastic and aluminum have been recycled. Global Spectrum staff at the Duke Energy Convention Center have also recycled more than 1,000 wooden pallets, and all outdated computer equipment is recycled through the Cincinnati Computer Cooperative.

In addition to recycling, the Center has undertaken efforts to reduce its energy use. Incandescent lightbulbs have been replaced with more efficient compact fluorescent and cold cathode bulbs. This change has resulted in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 154,000 pounds (77 tons) annually.

During the November 17 event, Booth also noted that several other environmental projects are planned, such as installing solar panels on the roof that will further reduce energy use and green the building.

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