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Dewpointe units create drinking water out of moisture in the atmosphere by using computer assisted purification technology.

WEIRD WEDNESDAY: Water From Thin Air

The Dewpointe® CH line of atmospheric water generators is designed to produce pure drinking water for businesses, emergency preparedness, and commercial applications. So how does it work? It creates drinking water out of moisture in the atmosphere by using computer assisted water purification technology.

Here is the process, broken down into five key stages:

STAGE 1: Air Filtration
The first electrostatic air filtration stage removes dust, pollen, mold, and other airborne contaminants as humid air enters the unit. Atmospheric water production immediately eliminates 95% of contaminants found in municipal ground water.
STAGE 2: Chilling the Air
The airflow through the filter system is then chilled to dew point, transforming water in the air from a gas to a liquid.
STAGE 3: Condensation
Condensed moisture collects on the coils covered with an FDA approved food-grade coating to prevent potential metal pollution. Once the moisture “extraction” process is complete, the water is delivered to an advanced multi-stage filtration system.
STAGE 4: Purification
The water passes through 10 specialized filters, four coconut hull carbon membranes, a zero-waste R.O. filter, and a powerful UV light sanitation system to remove contaminants and microorganisms. At this point, the output is 99.99% pure.
STAGE 5: Water Temperature Optimization
The hot and cold water lines pull from a sealed stainless steel holding tank, providing chilled and hot water on demand.

This video takes you through the process:


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