NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Heat By Design Picture Heater Product Line

C.E. Thermal Systems announces a new way to heat spaces—through framed digital images hanging on the wall. The Heat by Design™ picture heater is an elegant and energy efficient space heating solution that customers design for use in their offices.

The Heat by Design convective picture heater uses a patented carbon fiber heating element system that is embedded behind the image. The flat carbon fiber elements safely increase the temperature of medium sized rooms by 3° to 7° F.

The picture heater is a quiet alternative to traditional space heaters. It operates without noisy, energy consuming fans that can stir airborne particulates and allergens. Heat by Design’s GentleHeat™ technology consumes only 400W of electricity per hour when operational. By turning the thermostat down just 1°F, a typical facility can save up to 5% on heating costs. The Heat by Design picture heater can then be used to warm those cold spots in the office.

Customers can upload digital photographs or choose from a gallery of stock images, so businesses can create their own heater with corporate graphics for a functional advertising specialty item to use in their offices or those of their clients. A gallery of elegant stock photographs is also available on the Heat by Design Web site.

Images are printed with a commercial, four-color printing process that uses UV-based inks to ensure images will not fade or crack due to heating or exposure to sunlight. Images are printed on a special aluminum surface that conducts heat.

The frame is constructed of a black composite material with a smooth finish. It offers dimensional stability through hot and cold cycles and will not warp or fade.

A patented, TouchSensor™ flat front switch on the frame turns the unit on or off, as indicated by a green LED on the frame. The system automatically shuts off after 10 hours of operation.

The Heat by Design picture heater is 36¾” x 28¾”, weighs only 10 pounds, and is simple to install. Easily mounted on most walls like a typical picture frame, Heat by Design keeps the unit and its power cord off the floor. This reduces clutter and improves safety in high traffic areas.

Prices start at $179 and product is delivered in two to three weeks.


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