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Enjoy this humorous retro look at dangers in the common workplace, courtesy of the Safetycare channel on YouTube.

Friday Funny: Were The 1950s Really This Silly?

Safetycare takes the subject of workplace safety very seriously. The organization’s blog and forum is a resource for safety videos, tips, photographs, and relevant news from all over the world. It’s also the source of funny safety, videos, and jokes.

One such item is a video entitled “You and Office Safety.” This description comes from the folks at Safetycare:

“You and Office Safety” is the most hilarious video on office safety you will watch! Made in the 1950s, this film is perfect as an eye catching ice breaker when delivering office safety training. Although the fashions have long gone, and some of the behaviors in the workplace have changed, this program still addresses the following topics which are just as relevant today. It’s easy to consider the office a perfectly safe work environment, and forget about the hazards that can exist. Just because you work in an office, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned for your own health and safety, and that of your colleagues.

Take a look at this gem, which is part of the Safetycare channel on YouTube.


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  1. Brian says:

    Very amusing!

    One thing: The clothing styles, typewriter design, and Xerox logo indicate that this film was produced during the 1960’s, not the 1950’s. Offhand, I’d say it’s about 1965.

    Thanks for posting.

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