NEW PRODUCT FLASH: SmartGuard From Cooper Crouse-Hinds

Cooper Crouse-Hinds, a provider of electrical products designed to enhance safety and productivity in industrial and commercial environments, recently announced SmartGuard clear protection plates. SmartGuard is a high impact, router resistant, PVC patented protection plate designed specifically for the protection of electrical boxes and wiring from damage during rough-in stage of construction.

The SmartGuard plates are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The SmartGuard plates are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Designed to keep electrical and communication boxes clean and free from debris throughout completion of construction projects, SmartGuard seals out sheetrock mud, sanding dust, and paint overspray to provide protection from potential damage on commercial and residential job sites.

The family of products includes covers for four square commercial boxes with single- to five-gang mud rings (no devices installed) and single- to four-gang empty PVC residential boxes. SmartGuard also includes covers for single- and two-gang four inch square steel mud rings with a device installed (switches, receptacles and GFCI’s), as well as commercial or residential lighting “cans,” residential ceiling boxes, panel/breaker boxes and meters.


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  1. Sparky Safety says:

    Do you know if these satisfy OSHA’s requirement for covers on energized boxes?

  2. Patrick Kane says:

    These do not satisfy OSHA as the SmartGuard covers are only for use during installation of branch wiring assemblies to protect devices and boxes from sanding dust, paint overspray and drywall mud. These are not designed to be a permanent part of the assembly or replace wall plates. They are designed to protect the device during rough-in and trim and then removed and replaced with approved wall plates prior to the circuits being energized.

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