NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: One Minute Challenge From CPFilms

CPFilms® Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Solutia Inc. and producer of LLumar® and Vista® commercial window films, offers an online energy savings estimator—the One Minute Challenge.

Based on the U.S. Department of Energy’s DOE-2 energy simulation program, the One Minute Challenge online program uses easy-to-use drop-down menus to select location, building type, and window type. The tool then provides estimated cost savings and carbon emissions reduction from using energy saving window film. The program, found at, also enables customers to request a more in-depth, customized energy audit for their facility, conducted by CPFilms and its nationwide network of authorized dealers.

“CPFilms is committed to providing tools that enable customers to better understand the energy cost savings and comfort benefits window films provide,” said Steve DeBusk, global energy solutions manager for CPFilms. “By working with the experienced team at CPFilms, customers will find customized solutions to help reduce energy costs and maximize their return on investment, while likely earning points toward green building certification such as LEED.”

As a result of a professional energy audit, facilities with CPFilms window films have been shown to realize annual energy savings of up to 15%, improve HVAC efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions—with an average payback of less than three years.


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