APC by Schneider Electric recently announced two new series of APC Smart-UPS® models designed for use in server rooms and network closets. Based on nearly 20 years of design experience, these new uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) systems offer time saving, user friendly features:

  • An LCD interface with diagnostic capabilities
  • Advanced energy management that delivers clear and timely energy consumption metrics
  • A “green” mode that can help managers achieve efficiencies of more than 97%

Built on the same standards as the award-winning Smart-UPS family, the new models include an intuitive, customizable LCD interface to provide local and remote configuration capabilities, accurate power status information, diagnostics, tests and activity logs. Information is clear and concise and displays a breadth of information, from product serial number to APC support information in a multitude of languages.

An intuitive, customizable LCD interface displays a breadth of information.

An intuitive, customizable LCD interface displays a breadth of information.

Additionally, APC Smart-UPS are the only units to offer advanced energy management to notify users of a recommended battery replacement date. This technology adjusts a battery’s lifetime based on environmental conditions to provide advanced notification.

In conjunction with the new interface, the Smart-UPS models offer increased capabilities for users to monitor and control their energy usage. Each model includes a “green” mode that automatically bypasses unused components, allowing for reduced energy consumption without sacrificing protection or system operation. Further, the units have built in energy and efficiency meters to help monitor power usage. New switched outlet groups provide additional control to allow for non-critical load shedding, sequenced start-up/shutdown, and the ability to reboot single or multiple devices independent of the UPS.

The new APC SmartUPS models include a three year physical warranty and a two year battery warranty with extended warranty options.


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  1. gysimha says:

    sir, i am having the smart APS UPS Model Umt 2200 and it is suddenly when i switch on all lights in front panel is glowing and no indication in the LCD screen and the set is also not getting switch off if i remove the battery terminal it is getting off what to do any help from your side to rectify it

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