NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Enhanced Performance Roof Hatch From Bilco

The Bilco Company has introduced an enhanced performance roof hatch that meets LEED standards for recycled content and is nearly 50% more energy efficient than standard roof hatches. The new thermally enhanced hatch is designed with a fully insulated cover and curb, and features a 2″ ozone-friendly polyisocyanurate thermal insulation board with an R-value of 12. The EPDM finger-type gasket ensures a positive seal between the cover and curb to reduce air permeability and ensure energy performance. The hatch also has a high solar reflective index.

Bilco’s thermally enhanced hatch is fabricated from corrosion-resistant aluminum milled primarily from recycled content. It is equipped with a heavy duty slam latch that securely locks the cover in the closed position, and features interior and exterior hasps for additional security.

Fully enclosed compression springs counterbalance the cover for controlled operation regardless of its size or weight, and minimize the effort required to open and close the hatch. For added security, a rugged hold-open arm automatically locks the cover in the open position, and the grip handle allows for users to release and close the hatch with one hand.

As with all Bilco’s roof hatches, the insulated curb is equipped with cap flashing and the Bil-Clip® flashing system for ease of installation on single-ply roofs.


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