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Standalone version of APCO's HealthView

HealthView from APCO Signs is a modular system for dispensing standard infection control products such as gels, wipes, tissues, and masks, and for displaying health related information. The HealthView dispenser encourages the use of protective products by providing a convenient, central location with one-hand, quick-pull dispensing.

The Healthview dispenser is suitable for hospitals and medical clinics, patient rooms, office buildings, convention centers, hotel lobbies, retail environments, airports and train stations, food stores, and anywhere else infection control products and information are useful.

Available in a range of configurations for both wall and standalone mounting, HealthView is tamper resistant, yet easy to refill for facility staff. Facility managers can choose custom configurations so that products of their choice can be dispensed.

HealthView helps facilities comply with OSHA guidelines in schools, medical facilities, offices, restaurants, and virtually any public place where reducing the risk of cross contamination is of principal concern.

Wall mounted HealthView unit
Wall mounted HealthView unit

Other Features & Benefits

  • Dispenser contents and configurations are customizable to suit client’s specific needs. (HealthView dispenser modules are constructed of pre-engineered, modular components and designed to house certain brands and sizes of popular hygiene control products. Module contents are thus customizable within certain parameters.)
  • Faceplate (Series HPS) and Top Plate (Series HPC) are tamper resistant, ensuring security of dispenser contents.
  • Contents are easy to change and refill.
  • Standard HealthView Series HPS is aesthetically compatible with APCO’s MyDay Display System.
  • Curved HealthView Series HPC is aesthetically compatible with APCO’s Arcadia Sign System.
  • Range of mounting and decorative options provide solutions for virtually any budget.
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