NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Dual Drive Scrap Chopper From Sweed Machinery

The Model 450 WM XHD Dual Drive Scrap Chopper

The Model 450 WM XHD Dual Drive Scrap Chopper

Sweed Machinery, Inc. has launched its latest product development—the Model 450 WM XHD Dual Drive Scrap Chopper—to help generators of scrap plastic banding eliminate their scrap at a more affordable price. In years past, chopping scrap banding was thought of as optional; but with the growth of the recycling industry and its demands for a higher grade of pre-processed scrap, it is becoming more important. To many, a load of unchopped banding represents a waste of valuable dumpster space, and most recyclers consider hauling it a waste of fuel and labor.

The redesigned Model 450 WM XHD Dual Drive Scrap Chopper is Sweed’s newest plastic banding scrap chopper. It can be a staple for packaging companies that generate a significant amount of scrap plastic or PET banding; many facilities have this particular unit placed at each location where the scrap plastic banding is generated.

Tangled plastic strapping is chopped into manageable pieces.

Tangled plastic strapping is chopped into manageable pieces.

Scrap choppers are a cost-effective way to dispose of plastic and PET strapping efficiently. Choppers enable companies to meet their waste recycling obligations and reduce their disposal fees while adding resale value to their waste product. Additional benefits of a scrap chopper include reclaiming space for production and aiding in facility safety and housekeeping.

A notable feature on Sweed’s new plastic banding chopper design is the dual drive feedworks. Driving both feed rolls on the chopper driven allows the unit to process the scrap quickly and efficiently, even when the plastic banding is tangled in a nest of straps.

The Model 450 WM XHD Dual Drive Scrap Chopper also features a 1 HP motor and added mass on the flywheel, which allows the scrap chopper additional cutting capacity. It is capable of feeding many straps at one time and feeds at approximately 120 FPM. The one stationary and one rotating knife provide a cut length of about 3″. The wide infeed on this chopper makes feeding the strap an easy task for the operator, allowing a user to feed large handfuls of plastic banding at once. This unit sits on a sturdy Sweed stand that moves from area to area on caster wheels. 

Prior to the redesign of this chopper, a larger unit was required for large quantities of plastic banding.


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