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MA-based Clean Harbors offers customized pharmaceutical waste management and removal programs for healthcare facilities.

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Pharmaceutical Waste Management


NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Pharmaceutical Waste Management

Clean Harbors, a Norwell, MA-based provider of environmental, energy, and industrial services, now offers customized pharmaceutical waste management and removal programs for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Each program combines frontline collection procedures, waste removal, sorting, and disposal programs that support each facility’s procedures by using pharmaceutical waste management practices that conform to the operational structure while meeting regulatory requirements.

The company’s pharmaceutical waste management offering is available either as a comprehensive on-site service that eliminates the need for in-house waste management staff or as a menu of services to address specific needs. Services include:

  • Rx Waste Characterization
  • Rx Program Design
  • Medical Floor Rx Collection Services
  • Main Accumulation Area Management
  • Transportation & Disposal at Clean Harbors company owned and operated facilities

Commented John Kelsey, vice president healthcare at Clean Harbors, “Every health facility has a slightly different approach to pharmaceutical waste management. It may be based on historic practices or it may be the result of organization-specific job descriptions and functions. Regardless, each must effectively address pharmaceutical waste management in order to meet current regulations. Clean Harbors starts by learning our customers’ processes and then designing our services to fit into and improve on the model, while removing the waste management burden from management and staff. Our program allows the most seamless execution with Nursing, Pharmacy, EVS [Environmental Services] and other departments that results in the most efficient and compliant pharmaceutical program required by acute care facilities.”

Clean Harbors pharmaceutical waste services adhere to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Universal Waste (UW) handling regulations. The company monitors federal, state and local regulations to help ensure that waste management practices are always in compliance.

(Photo courtesy of Clean Harbors)

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