FRIDAY FUNNY: Gulf Employees On The Edge Of Their Seats

The following story illustrates just how high tensions are running in the energy industry down in Louisiana. And despite the fact the incident happened just a few days ago, it’s hard to find the link between improper swivel chair usage and the BP oil spill…but this particular company president does.

Here’s a summary of the incident (from

A major energy company recently had an employee injure himself when his swivel chair collapsed. The injury was severe enough that he took some time off from work — one day, actually. OSHA came in, inspected the situation, then issued a citation to the company for “not properly instructing employees how to sit in their chairs.” Then the company’s health and safety manager sent out a company-wide Power Point presentation to all employees, demonstrating how to properly (and safely!) sit in a swivel chair. (The summary is featured in the top graphic.) Not long after, the prideful president of this energy company stopped by the local Ruston, La., branch for a visit and walk-through. And what did he find? Well, read on:

Obviously, sitting is taken very seriously at this company.

Many thanks to Mary Ellen McCandless, someone who does NOT sit with her feet on her desk, for sending along today’s Friday Funny.


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  1. Printing Hot Spot says:

    This was great!!! It had me sitting at the edge of my chair.

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