NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Gecko Adhesive Textile

3form has introduced Gecko, an adhesive textile that adheres to glass surfaces. The product is customizable and available in a collection of patterns and colors ranging from subtle patterns to bold graphics. The product enables facilities managers to add privacy and transform any glass application into a piece of art.

Gecko is designed to be removed and re-applied in order to provide design flexibility. Installation requires no glue, no bondings, and emits no VOCs. Not a peel and stick system, Gecko is installed using water, and it can be moved or repositioned multiple times.

The product is offered in a wide range of patterns and colors with a multitude of laser cut options to make customized design solutions possible. Patterns can coordinate with other 3form products.

Made of 100% polyester, Gecko can be cleaned in place using a mild detergent.

Gecko is part of the 3form Ready-to-Go line of packaged solutions. Introduced in January 2010, Ready-to-Go is a collection of pre-packaged, bundle priced solutions aimed at providing quick and simple interior design options. Solutions combine material, hardware, fabrication and even lighting in common applications like sliding doors, partitions, and transaction fronts.


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