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Data Management, Inc. makes a variety of security badging and registry book offerings to provide facility managers the best fit for their particular situation.

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Visitor Pass Solutions

Data Management, Inc. of Farmington, CT offers Visitor Pass Solutions products that enable facility managers to track who enters their buildings. The company’s variety of badging solutions and registry book offerings provides managers the ability to choose which system works best for their particular situation. Choices include both expiring and non-expiring visitor badges.

Example of a Visitor Pass Solutions expiring badge

Example of a Visitor Pass Solutions expiring badge

Expiring badges include those that change color or other feature overnight, so they cannot be used again to access a facility. These work with a facility’s existing visitor management software and popular direct thermal printers. Available in two standard sizes, there are dot expiring badges, which uses a dot sticker that hides an expiration image until the next day. There are also full expiring badges (for maximum visibility), with which a white front piece attaches over a red back piece; the red back piece shows stripes or the word “VOID” when it changes overnight.

Visitor Pass Registry Book

Visitor Pass Registry Book

There is also a Visitor Pass Registry Book, which serves as both a sign in book and a badge issuer. This is because the information (e.g. visitor name, time of arrival) is entered in duplicate—both in the log and on the badge—with the use of duplicate paper. These use both expiring and non-expiring badges.

Badges are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Data Management also offers custom design services. Says Deidre Reidy, facilities manager, River Street School, Windsor, CT, “Visitor Pass ensures at a glance which visitors are supposed to be here. We wanted passes that would be really specific for us, and Data Management was very easy to work with.”


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