New York Tech Valley Chapter of IFMA Formation

The New York Tech Valley (Albany) Chapter of IFMA was approved by IFMA’s board of directors at their April meeting.  The formation steering committee has worked for a number of months to recruit new members, develop a succession plan and put together a one-year program schedule prior to requesting approval of the new chapter.

The chapter’s board is led by Oleh Turczak, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, chapter president. Other officers are: Daniel Green, Farm Family, chapter vice president; David Hammons, RD Weis Companies, chapter treasurer; and Carolina Rock, Express Scripts, chapter secretary. A former IFMA chapter in this region, the New York Capital Chapter was dissolved many years ago.  The new leadership feels that there is substantial opportunity for the new chapter to thrive. This region of New York as seen significant growth especially in the area of new technologies.

For more information, visit the chapter’s newly-launched website at


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