NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Sector And Momentum From BBF

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Sector And Momentum From BBF | Facility Executive - Creating Intelligent Buildings
These modular desking and storage furniture collections are the first to be launched under the BBF brand.

NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Sector And Momentum From BBF


NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Sector And Momentum From BBF

BBF (Bush Business Furniture), the commercial furniture division of Bush Industries, introduces two new modular desking and storage furniture solutions, Sector and Momentum. These are the first collections to be launched under the BBF brand.

Sector collection from BBF
Sector from BBF

Both collections are modular lines designed to meet the needs of evolving office environments and contemporary work styles. The products offer enhanced communication, collaboration and cost control features, with the ability to adapt to changing needs.

Sector’s contemporary design supports technology with robust wire management capabilities, storage, and ample workspace. The new collection is suitable for a variety of work settings including conventional and alternative office environments, as well as home offices. Sector products are mobile and lightweight, providing the flexibility needed when working in groups.

Momentum from BBF
Momentum from BBF

The Momentum line supports collaborative, open office layouts where increased communication is critical for productivity. Momentum’s multi-height work surfaces and storage units can be configured and reconfigured to fit changing work patterns, while providing both personal space and opportunity for interaction.

Both Sector and Momentum meet ANSI/BIFMA standards for performance and safety, and are backed by BBF’s 10-year warranty.

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