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The BrightSolutions service brand retrofits interior and exterior lighting applications for reduced energy consumption and maintenance.

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Bright Solutions By Action Services Group

Action Services Group provides energy efficient lighting retrofits under the BrightSolutions service brand. BrightSolutions retrofits interior and exterior lighting applications to reduce energy consumption, electrical, maintenance, and energy costs—while delivering safer, brighter, and more productive work environments.

Action Services Group researches new energy efficient lighting technologies to determine what energy efficient lighting products are best for a facility. As a result, it offers the most efficient lighting system at the desired level of light and budget. Experienced lighting professionals provide an upgraded lighting system with the fewest total watts and the fewest number of lamps and ballasts needed, while delivering the greatest possible return on investment (ROI), along with the lowest possible maintenance costs.

As an added energy savings benefit, depending on location, local utility providers have rebate programs set up for energy efficient lighting retrofits. The rebate could be per-fixture, per-kW saved, or per-sensor; the possibilities vary with each provider.

Each facility will has a solution based on current or desired light levels, physical layout, obstacles, and other operational considerations. Action Services Group provides survey models for the exact parameters and requirements of the facility and lighting application.

After a detailed analysis of a facility’s requirements, specific cost saving retrofit programs are developed, innovative energy efficient lighting products that provide exceptional ROI are recommend, and the required resources for successful on time and on budget program management are dedicated.

All data for each facility is stored in the custom branded, Web based operational management system, ServicePoint Solutions. The system tracks everything from inventory to service status to billing for each facility, whether it’s one facility or thousands of facilities.


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  1. Marcella says:

    What a great service! This is ideal for office buildings that are trying to become more sustainable.

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