NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Adhesive & Ink Remover From Daimer Industries

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Daimer Industries Inc., a Woburn, MA- based supplier of cleaning products, has introduced Eco-Green® Adhesive & Ink Remover for Public Works operations. This industrial grade formula dissolves tough substances without the use of environmentally harmful fumes or ingredients. This dissolver uses food-grade components to eliminate tough substances, and its formulation was engineered to be fume-free and safe for cleaning staff and facility occupants.

Eco-Green Adhesive & Ink Remover from Daimer Industries
Eco-Green Adhesive & Ink Remover from Daimer Industries

The Adhesive & Ink Remover is formulated to remove adhesives, glue, tar, water seal compounds, non-curing adhesive films, ink, and grease. It is safe for use on metals, plastic, stone, fabric, and more. The formulation can also be applied to specialized surfaces, including vehicle exteriors and interiors, Plexiglas, marble, and vinyl.

Part of a full line of Eco-Green cleaning products from Daimer, the Adhesive & Ink remover employs a microscopic technology to break the carbon bonds that hold inks and adhesives together. The resulting solution disperses in water for ease of removal; the formulation employs green cleaning products engineered from soy and plant ingredients that generate no hazardous fumes.

On the institutional hazards rating diamond (seen at left), the product produces zeros in all four quadrants, including health, reactivity, and flammability. The bio-safe ingredients are documented to degrade in a matter of weeks, as described in evaluations by a noted testing laboratory.

Other products in the Eco-Green line include concrete cleaners, a graffiti lifter, tile grout cleaners, and upholstery stain removers. Daimer® also supplies specialty green cleaning products designed for healthcare, hospitality, energy processing, auto detailing, and hospitality.

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