NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Class Pack Lighting Systems

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Facility managers in schools can implement lighting energy savings and facilitate improved, flexible learning environments by installing Class Pack Lighting Systems from GE Lighting and Lithonia Lighting. The first step is to visit, a Website that provides a range of information on how schools can improve their lighting energy efficiency.

The site features a lighting audit request form tied to the introduction of energy efficient Class Pack Lighting Systems. By installing Class Pack Lighting Systems, schools can reduce annual lighting related energy costs up to 50%.

“We want to help school districts across the country understand the significant opportunity that today’s energy efficient lighting systems can provide,” says Jason Raak, a marketing manager with GE’s lighting business. “Recent new product advancements make current high performance lighting far superior to systems installed just five years ago, and payback periods are shorter than ever.”

Qualified school representatives can use the BetterLightingBetterSchools Website to request a school or district-wide energy audit (restrictions apply). Visitors to the site will see a host of supporting statistics and other details on how school executives can lower the cost to renovate facilities by using NEMA premium ballasts and CEE qualified HPT8 lamps, which in many regions can defray initial costs through utility rebate eligibility.

The new Class Pack Lighting Systems combine high light output, full spectrum fluorescent lighting with a ballast system that delivers customized lighting levels in a two-lamp platform. There are three options to meet aesthetic requirements: SP8 School-standard lens option; ES8 Crisp, white louver; and RT8 Volumetric for a progressive look. With fewer, longer longer life components, it minimizes maintenance and lamp replacement costs. The Systems are designed for installation after school is out for the day or during summer renovations.

“We think provides school districts with many of the resources needed to make smart financial decisions about lighting and energy savings,” says Monik Mehra, director of marketing, Lithonia Lighting. “It’s a vital tool at a time when school districts have to do more with less, while striving to improve the quality of their students’ learning experience.”

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