NEW PRODUCT FLASH: Dinion and FlexiDome IP Cameras from Bosch

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Bosch Security Systems, Inc. has launched 40 fixed body Dinion and FlexiDome H.264 main profile IP cameras. The series includes advanced models designed for harsh lighting conditions as well as standard IP cameras suited for well-lit applications to meet a wide range of facility requirements. The entire portfolio of these progressive scan cameras captures clear, sharp images and delivers excellent color reproduction.

FlexiDome (left) and Dinion (right) IP cameras from Bosch
FlexiDome (left) and Dinion (right) IP cameras from Bosch

Each camera features advanced H.264 main profile video compression to provide broadcast quality video that requires up to 50% less storage space, depending on scene and quality settings. Every detail in the image is captured without compromising frame rates, which is an important feature for recognizing objects, such as a person’s face.

Built-in Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) — available as a licensable option — processes the detailed images to provide automated assistance to security personnel. IVA alerts security staff to suspicious activity, such as loitering or perimeter breaches, for earlier threat detection. This advanced technology’s Forensic Search capabilities also enable users to locate events in recorded video quickly.

Support for the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard also ensures the new FlexiDome and Dinion IP cameras are easy to install — integrating with compliant video products from different vendors.

New Series Includes Advanced 2X-Dynamic Technology
The NBN-498 and NDN-498 series of the fixed body and dome IP cameras feature Bosch’s 2X-Dynamic Technology with 20-bit processing, which is twice the power of conventional cameras, for superior image quality in all lighting conditions.

The cameras use 2X-Dynamic and wide dynamic range sensors to analyze images pixel-by-pixel and produce the most detailed view of scenes with difficult lighting. This combination enables the cameras to reveal more than is visible with the human eye alone, making them ideal for day/night surveillance or applications where the most detailed images are required.

2X cameras also feature Smart Backlight Compensation (BLC) to optimize light levels for objects of interest in scenes with a bright background. Smart BLC automatically analyzes images and enhances details to provide the best result, without the need for user intervention.

Bosch IP cameras are well suited for a wide variety of applications, including outdoor perimeters, traffic monitoring, correctional facilities, parking lots and garages, casinos, and industrial and critical infrastructure facilities.

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