NEW PRODUCT FLASH: SmartCover By Bentley Prince Street

Bentley Prince Street, Inc. has introduced SmartCover, a product that protects carpet on busy job sites. Developed in partnership with Velcro®, SmartCover is an alternative to traditional carpet protection systems (such as plastic containing pressure sensitive adhesives). It protects loop pile and cut and loop carpet without affecting the integrity of newly installed carpet.

SmartCover from Bentley Prince Street

SmartCover from Bentley Prince Street

SmartCover is designed to leave no adhesive residue while protecting against spills, dirt, and traffic. Meanwhile, the carpet still has the opportunity to breathe. It is made with durable, high quality, non-woven fabric and features a water-resistant film backing. Velcro-patented hook technology facilitates securing it to loop pile and cut and loop carpeting, allowing for ease of repositioning and removal. With self engaging Velcro seams, SmartCover can be overlapped, and this provides the flexibility to use the product to protect small areas or entire rooms.


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