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This provider of trained security personnel has launched a Strategic Partnership Program to offer clients access to related products and services.

NEW SERVICE SPOTLIGHT: Broadened Security Options Through AlliedBarton

AlliedBarton Security Services, a Conshohocken, PA-based provider of trained security personnel, has launched a Strategic Partnership Program which offers clients access to best-in-class security related products and services. AlliedBarton’s new IT director, Distributed Systems, is overseeing the company’s technology partnerships, which is a critical component of the Strategic Partnership Program.

“While we remain true to our core business of providing superior security officer services, we recognize that our customers sometimes require additional, related services,” said David Feeney, the new IT director, Distributed Systems. “We can meet our client’s comprehensive security requirements with a full spectrum of well qualified, carefully researched solutions.”

“We are partnering with a wide range of quality providers to ensure we can provide the optimal solution for each individual client,” adds Feeney. “This is an advantage over security companies that are tied to a single proprietary technology system, limiting what they can offer. As our clients’ needs change, we have the flexibility to accommodate them. As technology evolves, we can quickly offer the latest solutions. Additionally, our intimate knowledge of these products and services allows us to properly train our security personnel in their use and implementation – an essential element of a comprehensive and effective security program.”

Members of the Strategic Partnership program encompass a range of supplemental security solutions, including guard tour systems, canine services, and international security.


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