Friday Funny: IKEA Goes To The Cats!

In a flash of marketing brilliance (at least to the feline loving portion of the population), IKEA has launched an advertisement in the UK demonstrating just how easy it is to feel at home when surrounding by functional Swedish designed furniture. To illustrate the point, 100 cats were released into the chain’s Wembly branch and their exploits were captured on film for the new ad.

This video shows just how the stunt (which has gone viral on the web and generated tons of publicity for IKEA) was executed:

What fascinates me is how the facilities and operations people had to get the cats out…from behind walls (with power saws, apparently), exposed ceiling rafters, and all sorts of other unlikely places…in time to open the store to the public the next day.

For a parody of this video, check out this link. Same video, but the audio is hilarious (apologies for off color language).


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